Developing the Parent/Coach Relationship

Hardwood HustleIn this episode of the Hardwood Hustle, Alan and Adam (with the help from notes from Rich Czeslawski of Better Basketball) discuss the ever-important relationship between parents and coaches at the youth and high school level – an integral relationship that is often overlooked.  They discuss the proper chain of command for communication, what things coaches/parents should never discuss and how to establish & communicate expectations.

Raising the bar: the excitement of a new season

2013BasketballLogoIt’s back. The squeaks of the sneaks, the snapping of twine, the smell of the leather, the start of the grind. Sorry to wax poetic on you, but I can’t hide my excitement for a new basketball season to begin.

Preseason conditioning, clinics, tryouts, meetings with staff, players, and parents are all coming to an end and it is finally time to set the roster, lace them up, and start the journey.

The difference in the journey from one coach to the next lies within the hand they have been dealt for this season and how they choose to play it.

Most coaches do not get the opportunity to recruit players and instead must depend on developing players. Even the ones who can recruit still have a host of challenges and puzzles to solve with each new season. This is the lifeblood of the majority of coaches. Taking a different group of young players each season and molding it into a team. It is my second favorite thing about being a high school coach (behind only the relationship building component inherent in the job) because it is such a different challenge each year.

We have had a great deal of ‘conventional’ success in the won/loss column over the past 3 years with hard working, talented players who have bought into the Read & React, our defensive philosophy, and our program culture. We have had some ups and downs along the way, but in the process of going 71-15 during those 3 seasons, there have been a lot of ups.

This year we embark on a different kind of journey. We graduated our Top 6 players from last season and this year’s team will feature almost exclusively players with no Varsity playing experience. Continue reading